LockedIn the Distillery

LockedIn the Distillery

Pickering’s Gin and LockedIn Edinburgh have teamed up to offer an experience like no other- the first distillery-themed escape game.

Located at Summerhall, LockedIn Edinburgh escape game makes use of the original rooms in the old small animal hospital, which closed its doors to veterinary teaching back in 2011. Their first game asked you to stop Dr C Lion experimenting on the animals left behind from the Vet School. Now, we need your help to foil a plot to blow up Summerhall Distillery. Could it be an employee plotting the company’s downfall?

Solve the clues in less than an hour- save yourselves, save the distillery and save the gin.

LockedIn the Distillery caters for groups of up to 5 players at once.

Locked In Stages