Oak Aged Gin

The Story of Oak Aged Gin

“Other than its utter deliciousness, one of the things we’ve always loved about gin is its versatility. There’s endless pleasure in trying new serves, playing with flavours and mixing cocktails.

But as distillers we wanted to take a step back and explore the versatility of the spirit itself. How could we take people on a different journey? One that takes in gin and whisky?

And so our own journey began – literally, round the iconic whisky regions of Scotland in search of the best casks we could lay our hands on. We brought them home to Summerhall Distillery in Edinburgh and filled them with Pickering’s Gin. Then we watched and waited. Tasted. Waited. Tasted again, until…

In May 2016, we were ready to roll out our most marvellous experiment: Pickering’s Oak Aged Gin.

Today, this unique collection offers a different way to experience gin. Or perhaps it’s a different way to explore whisky? Whichever way you come at it, we hope you arrive at something you love. Just as we did.”

Matt and Marcus, Founders

"All retain the fragrance, freshness, taste and 'product identity' of gin. A good thing! But the casks lend a subtle extra dimension."
Charlie MacLean, Whisky Writer
"I was drinking gin long before it was cool. Who would have thought back then that people would come up with such intriguing and clever things to do with it?"
Geraldine Coates, Author and Gin Expert

It’s no easy cask

Matt and Marcus travelled hundreds of miles to source casks from distilleries across Scotland's iconic whisky regions.

Hand Picked

Each cask is carefully selected for the whisky flavours it will impart to the gin.

Ageing Gracefully

Back at Summerhall Distillery, the gin stayed in the cask until it was ready. Only when the cask balances perfectly with the gin, then when we bottle it.