United by luxury and heritage, Pickering’s and Cunard proudly present:

3 Queens Gin

Three Queens Gin

Our co-founder, Marcus Pickering, is the great nephew of celebrated Cunard Captain George Gibbons who sailed their legendary liners from 1909-1944; a personal connection that has produced a most exceptional gin collection.

Inspired by the legendary ships and their elegant sophistication, Pickering’s Head Distiller, Matthew Gammell & Cunard flavour makers balanced botanicals emblematic of each Queen’s route today. Each expression is copper distilled by Emily and Gert at Summerhall Distillery, and then bottled, labeled and waxed by hand.

“Being a small part of Cunard has delighted my family. I might not be steering the ship, but at least I can lubricate its passengers!” – Marcus Pickering

Captain George Gibbons & Marcus Pickering

Queen Victoria

A Hint of the Mediterranean

Queen Elizabeth

A Hint of the Orient

Queen Mary 2

A Hint of the Americas

“As a distiller, I wanted to turn Cunard’s vision of three distinct flavour profiles into reality. Each of the 3 Queens Gins contains an array of remarkable botanicals that really evoke the legacy of the ships.” – Matt Gammell